How to Start Freelancing as a Web Developer in 2023

Freelance web development offers a lucrative way to earn a very comfortable living while doing creative, high-value work for a variety of clients. Plus, there are tons of ways to level up your freelance work and earn more money as your career progresses. Freelance web developers do all the same work as any other web developer, but they work as self-employed independent contractors. Instead of working full time for one company, freelance web developers work on a project-basis, often working on multiple projects—with multiple clients—at any given time.

What is a freelance web developer

Others call it working in the flow or finding your ideal clients. You’ll also need a way to keep track of everything, from hours to project data to client conversations. It all sounds simple, but it can take up a lot of your time if you don’t have organized systems ready. If this sounds like an entire second job on top of web development, it is. Freelance web development can be extremely lucrative and flexible, but it’s also a tremendous amount of work and a lot of pressure for one set of shoulders.

Build a portfolio of web development work.

Understanding that you have a full-time job as soon as you strike out on your own, regardless of whether you actually have any clients. I’m assuming you would rather look like the former and not the latter. If you have decided to go out on your own, and you are not opposed to prosperity, then this guide will help serve as a road map for how to get your new business running.

  • By offering services with a recurring revenue stream, you help to make your income more consistent.
  • Because you’ll go out of business so fast that the problem will simply take care of itself.
  • It’s best to learn the techniques of front end and backend development before becoming a full stack developer.
  • A good schedule will help ensure timely project deliveries, which is vital for maintaining your reputation.

However, web developers in the US can earn up to $249,297 according to Glassdoor salary insights . How much you earn will depend on many factors, including where you work, what industry how to hire a web developer you work in, and how much experience you have. It will show you how you can start making money from small freelance gigs, and leverage that into a full-time freelance career.

Make some projects

Taking the approach of “I’ll deal with this minor annoyance later” will result in you losing many hours over time in order to save a minute today. It is common for us to have multiple projects lined up and under contract. We, however, always finish one before moving on to the next. This allows us to get more done, in less time, and we make more money as a result. Once that was done, we devoted ourselves to adding content to the websites until that project was completed. In other words, we finished one thing before we moved on to the next.

Moreover, it will also give you an idea of what kind of web development projects suit your skills best and how to tackle difficulties. First of all, you need to choose your domain or field of interest to work upon it later and pursue your career. There are various domains like web development, Graphic designer, App development, and so on. Each domain has its importance and knowledge specifications. Business skills – A common mistake of new freelance web developers is the failure to see this as a business. Building a business requires a specific set of skills including but not limited to marketing, building a brand, setting the right price, negotiating, networking, and much more.

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However, choosing the right freelance developer can be difficult, especially when you don’t know much about the field. This website’s highlights are its communication transparency and project management flexibility. You can freely customize your development team and resources to optimize your budget. UpStack claims to be the number one Toptal alternative, offering high-quality developers at reasonable prices.

What is a freelance web developer

Just because you finished a basic WordPress website in a day doesn’t mean you should charge your daily rate. You need to consider how much time you can spend each week to work on your goals, how much money you can spend, your strengths and skills, and other factors. This depends on many factors like your existing coding skills, your business skills, and the amount of time you can dedicate each day to growing your business. Because they don’t work for an employer, they get to set their own price, choose which client to work with, and work on as many projects as they want. Deep knowledge and hands-on expertise rise in the field of web applications and programming languages. The freelancers usually work on a project basis based on a fixed time or per project fee.

Should You Become a Freelance Developer?

For example, you can look at how long it takes you to create a certain type of webpage and provide a more accurate quote for your services going forward. After you’ve written one proposal, you can just tweak it for the next. Freelancers need a way to bill for their services quickly and accurately. There’s no right way to do this, just what works best for the budget and person. But at the very least, you’ll need an invoice template in Word or Google Docs to use, along with a way to accept payment.

What is a freelance web developer

As with a blog, leverage your analytics to ensure that you’re doing videos on the correct topics. This includes considering your scripting, lighting, sound quality, etc. Another tool for building a lasting brand is to develop a blog which speaks to the needs of your customers. This has been a key to our primary business which deals with providing solutions for law firms.

How to Become a Freelance Web Developer in 2023

Fortunately, Erin Lehr of KPI Bookkeeping was willing to put together a group of instructional videos meant to get you started when it comes to keeping your books. She also put the slides from her presentation together into two separate documents. You may download her slides on money management here and her sample chart of accounts here.

Write blog posts or publish video content as part of your content marketing strategy. Ultimately, adopting the right practices can result in more lucrative contracts. With a black background, Matthew’s homepage looks attractive and clean. On the landing page, you will see his brief self-introduction as a web developer. As you scroll down, the page loads different sections that contain information such as his skills, blogs, portfolio, and contact information. When you visit Ruben’s website, you immediately know what he looks like and what he does.

The Complete Freelance Web Developer Guide: How to Make Money Through Freelance Programming Jobs

Web development work transcends nearly every industry out there—because just about everyone needs a great website these days. Game developers earn a starting salary comparable to web developers at $70,796 according to Glassdoor. But when you look at the spread of salaries, web developers have much higher earning potential at the top of the range, with most game developers at or below the average. Mobile app developers charge an hourly rate similar to or slightly below web developers. Let’s dig into each of those a little deeper and see just how they impact rates and salaries for freelance web developers.