What is a technology roadmap? Definition, examples & more

Many businesses view their Information Technology team as a reactive, tactical department. It’s their job to ensure the company has the tools and processes to achieve its https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ business objectives. And although few of them use it, one of the best ways for an IT department to successfully execute its plan is to create an IT strategy roadmap.

what is an IT roadmap

Roadmaps provide a bird’s eye view of a project, so that a project manager can get all their stakeholders on the same page regarding the major components of the project like milestones and overall objectives. The goals and initiatives of your technology roadmap include the achievements your company hopes to make with the technological change. It’s important for these goals to be clear for all employees who are helping with the project, as it allows those goals to guide their work.

Key Benefits to Having an IT Roadmap

When different teams have different priorities, it can be tough for them to see eye-to-eye. But a technology roadmap can give you the final word — and it’s tough to argue with hard data. That’s why your technology roadmap is far more than just a strategic plan — it’s something of a safety net, too. Try limiting your roadmap to the top few initiatives that will generate the greatest strategic value for the time invested. You’ll have a reference point to check in with to stay focused on the right strategic initiatives. You’ll find it much easier to politely turn down requests for projects that could steer you off of your strategic path.

what is an IT roadmap

Some professionals opt to use a mix of organizational strategies, as it’s helpful to know when projects are due and what type of task it is. Whichever sections you choose to create, be sure your roadmap still includes the aforementioned components. Learn about the best practices for setting and tracking OKRs, real world examples from major companies and a list of tools that can enable you to achieve those key results. This article will look at the 8 best alternatives for Monday.com, each offering unique features and capabilities to streamline product management and team collaboration.

What is a roadmap in Agile?

The best kinds of roadmaps foster team collaboration and improve the quality of your presentations. In order to organize and enhance the roadmap’s readability, professionals separate technology roadmaps into sections. For example, professionals may separate sections in a roadmap by their progress status or by types of tasks.

Get all your project stakeholders on the same page using this roadmap template. P2P Podcast An original product management podcast for / by product people. It’s not anything you want to think about, but cyber crime is a threat every business must face.

IT Roadmap Development Process

If you’re looking to make changes in your internal IT processes or establish brand new procedures, you need to build an IT roadmap. A portfolio roadmap shows planned releases across multiple groups or offerings. The blue and green bars below represent the two different products .

When you have established goals and milestones, you can think of the steps you need to take toward achieving them. Here’s where you define the work to be done and specify who does what. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for it roadmap definition stakeholders to stick to the plan, align their efforts, and monitor the progress. As such, your IT team or operations managers should define measurable, time-bound goals that you’ll need to reach to get closer to your bigger objective.

Smartsheet’s Free Roadmap Templates

This is why a strong product roadmap requires a clear and concise strategic rationale for including any feature or epic. If a product manager cannot persuasively make a case for including a feature, she should not include it at all. Without a strategic plan guiding the team’s work, an IT department can find itself always in reactive mode. Worse, a department that becomes known simply for responding to employees’ technology troubleshooting requests will have less of an opportunity to help shape the company’s strategic future. Creating a technology roadmap requires certain knowledge and skills.

what is an IT roadmap

With projects that involve many moving parts, it’s important to define those dependencies early on in the roadmapping process. How to create a roadmap and what to include in it really depends on the type of roadmap you’re creating. But generally speaking, there’s a set of essential elements and qualities that apply to all roadmaps. Technology roadmaps also describe the changes taking place within the company. This involves an in-depth explanation of which aspects of the previous technological system are changing and how this may affect an employee’s daily work.

Narrow your roadmap’s focus to only a few major initiatives

A project plan is a supporting document that lays out the specifics of what you need to do to achieve those initiatives. Use a roadmap to define the high-level goals and give an overview of how you will accomplish them. Then create a corresponding project plan to capture the step-by-step actions you will take to reach each goal along the way. In summary, project management and IT Roadmap are closely intertwined.

  • Risk factors describe the potential internal or external threats that may prevent successful implementation of new technologies.
  • Using the wrong technology for your business can reduce productivity and efficiency.
  • Your IT or technology roadmap won’t be useful to anyone if it’s based on unreasonable deadlines or leaves out major tasks within your processes.
  • Including the risk factors of a project in the technology roadmap allows professionals to be aware of them and take preventative steps.
  • The challenge will be limiting your roadmap to only a few major strategic goals, and finding a longer-term home—such as a backlog—for all other tasks you can’t focus on today but will prioritize for tomorrow.
  • Every department can benefit from collaborating more closely with IT and letting them know what their department needs to succeed.
  • By mapping out your IT initiatives, you ensure you are making the most efficient use of your budget.

Roadmaps, you can enter data once — from high-level strategy to the more detailed work. Then you can customize your view to display both a strategic roadmap and a detailed Gantt chart that captures phases of work, tasks, milestones, and dependencies. While you can create roadmap views in spreadsheet or presentation software, there are several downsides to this approach. It can take hours to manually create even a simple roadmap in a tool that was not designed for roadmapping. You also have to update your roadmap each time you make progress or plans change.

How to Create an Effective Roadmap

It provides a more detailed, time-bound roadmap for executing specific technology initiatives and projects. The IT Roadmap breaks down the strategic objectives outlined in the IT Strategic Plan into specific activities, milestones, timelines, and resource requirements. IT Strategic PlanAn IT Strategic Plan outlines the overarching vision, goals, and objectives for leveraging technology within an organization. It provides a high-level roadmap for how technology will support and enable the organization’s business objectives and overall strategy.